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From inception AD Consulting has believed in being part of national reformation. Apart from supporting orphanages, we actively support television programmes reaching out to the youth, women and the family.  Voice of change, the weekly radio broadcast which she hosts, is another vehicle she deploys to raise transformational leaders. Our Principal Partner personally coordinates the following NGOs/Outreaches.


Awesome Treasures Foundation

Awesome Treasures Foundation is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization which identifies, develops and deploys change agents to positively affect Nigeria in line with the Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) declared by the United Nations. Recognizing that these goals can not be met through the conventional organs of Government, Awesome Treasures Foundation has employed the tools of advocacy and direct intervention to help Nigeria achieve these goals which directly address the most glaring deficiencies in our national life.


The realization of these goals which would form the basis for Nigeria's socio-economic growth and the realization of its potential is the Foundation's strongest objective.

Voice of Change

VOC is a radio broadcast dedicated to unleashing the transformational leader in you. VOC teaches us to ask the right questions from those who offer themselves to lead us and discern between the legitimate leaders and the impostors who seek to serve none but themselves. We seek to birth a national renaissance through the new breed of Nigerian Leaders.


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An interactive youth outreach, holding quarterly in Lagos and also touring university campuses. AWESOME encourages feedback from the youth. We sponsor lively debates as well as competitions in Music, Drama, Poetry, and Dance. The last AWESOME tour hosted over 5000 youths.


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